Health Ministry Declares Additional Measures on Coronavirus

Keeping pace with the rapid developments related to the global spread of coronavirus Covid-19, the Ministry of Public Health in Qatar said it has taken a number of additional measures to monitor and detect any suspected cases of infection.

This is in addition to implementing recommendations issued by the World Health Organization in this regard.

In view of the increasing cases discovered in both South Korea, Iran and in a number of countries in the region, the MoPH coordinates with the relevant authorities to examine all air, sea travellers coming from those countries.

A number of residential buildings have been equipped with all amenities to host people who require the quarantining.

Screening people who have fever and respiratory symptoms will continue. They will be transferred to the Center for Communicable Diseases.

The ministry is keen to “maintain high alert to detect, isolate and report any suspected cases of the virus, as well as to raise the degree of preparedness in hospitals and health centres.”

The ministry also recommends postponing travel to China, South Korea, Iran, Singapore, Japan and Italy.

The ministry reaffirmed that no cases of the disease have been reported so far in relation with the Covid 19.

The ministry also asserted its commitment to transparency in communicating facts to all members of society.

Source: The peninsula

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