Hello 2020, a New Decade!

With the new year right around the corner, we all need some time to reflect over this past year. Without some type of reflection, self development is difficult. The New Year is said to be “another chance for us to get it right”. This is your fresh start to enter the year with brighter and bigger ambitions, innovations, and contributions to making this community a better place.


A lot can happen during the year, the good, the bad, the exciting. We should take that to our advantage and learn from such events. As humans, we are designed to make mistakes, it’s part of our lifestyle. Mistakes sprout our growth, they plant seeds for innovation and progression. We are gifted to be the species that make the decisions in the world, we have the power of a creative mind, to be able to invent things that can make such a huge impact on the world. This year we must get out of our comfort zone and work towards a bigger brighter future. We must set our ambitions, work towards our ambitions and finally achieve those ambitions.


Over the years we’ve experienced all types of global issues we understand how to get around these issues, not that we’re in a new decade I urge you more than ever to start working as a team, inspiring and motivating one another to do what’s best. There shouldn’t need to be competition between one another. Working together will allow our community as a whole to grow in a significant manner. Self growth is key, however we must balance our time to better ourselves and the world around us. As people start working together combining their skills, only then will we begin to experience healthy sustainable change in the world we love and cherish.


We must begin to learn to motivate and inspire one another, accepting each other for who we are. We live in a community that is diverse. Whether you live in Qatar or you end up going someplace else, being accepting of others is the key to being a better version of yourself. People come from all around the world, from different cultures and different ethnic background which must be cherished and appreciated. Having the opportunity to interact with people all over the world is beneficial to you in many ways. Doing so you’re bound to learn about other cultures and traditions, forcing you to become more accepting of others.


At the end of the day you are interacting with so many people around the world, accepting them will open up many doors for you. You’ll understand an individual better, you’ll have more knowledge on different traditions, cultures and peoples, and you can incorporate the skills you’ve learned in your daily lives.


Be whomever you want to be. You can have ambitions as big as the sky, that’s okay! Unfortunately, people might not always support your decision but you have to go with what you believe in. If you don’t try you will never know if it was going to be a success or not. You need to push yourself and use the word “YES” more often. Do you want to skydive? YES. Do you want to start a charity? YES. Would you like to accept this job offer in Brazil? YES! If that’s what you want to do, do it without any hesitation! There is no harm in removing yourself from your bubble and getting out of your comfort zone. You need to set goals for yourself to be able to push yourself and achieve what YOU and only YOU want to achieve, not anybody else’s.


Lastly, being comfortable with who you are as a person is beneficial to others. There are people who are less fortunate than us and it’s up to us to make a difference. It can be as simple as saying please and thank you to someone, giving QAR50 to charity or making a huge business to donate to the ones in need. And not only! But to also give back to the ones we love. Our families make us who we are today, we must thank them every second of everyday because they have showed us how to live, and how to love. Give everyone around you the love and respect you would expect back.


“You don’t need to be better than anyone else; you just need to be better than you used to be.” – Wayne Dyer


Kick off the New Years with being the best you!


#TeamTIQ wishes you all a very Happy New Year! We hope this new year will be the year of inspiration, motivation, and prosperity in your daily lives. We hope you are the best version of yourself and making a beautiful impact in the world!



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