HIA Passenger Traffic Levels Show Impressive Increase of over 164% in Second Quarter of 2022

Hamad International Airport (HIA) has recorded an increase in the movement of its passengers during the second quarter of 2022, displaying the ongoing momentum of air traffic recovery.

The average monthly passenger throughput for Q2 2022 indicates that travel between the State of Qatar and the rest of the world has risen significantly, showing an 18% increase in comparison to the first quarter of this year. The passenger transfer percentage also grew by 16% this quarter over last, and the number of outbound local passengers in Q2 was 47% higher than in Q1. The number of inbound passengers increased by 7% in comparison to Q1.

HIA served a total of 2.5 million passengers in the month of April, 2.8 million passengers in May and 3.1 million passengers in June, which is a total of 8.42 million passengers served in the second quarter of 2022.

Commenting on the traffic figures, HIAs Chief Operating Officer Badr Al Meer, said: “During the second quarter of 2022, HIA recorded more than 100,000 daily passengers and over 3 million passengers in a single month, for the first time since the pandemic, which is a testament to HIAs well-calculated planning and concerted efforts in rebuilding connectivity and mobility after an unprecedented global pandemic.” With a busy summer season underway, Al Meer stressed: “In light of the restrictions placed on travel over the past two years, we have recognized that passengers need to travel this summer and had anticipated the travel rush over this period. 

Using a combination of technology and effective stakeholder coordination, we mitigated it in advance. Through real-time monitoring of passenger flow across the terminal and forecasting of passenger rushes, we are able to anticipate any traffic issues and mitigate them well in advance, working with our airport stakeholders such as airlines, government partners, contractors, etc.” Qatars main airport will be able to host 58 million passengers after phase A of the airports expansion wraps up, while phase B of the expansion will begin in early 2023 and will further boost the airports capacity to over 60 million passengers. 

Source: QNA

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