HMC: Nearly 3500 Additional Beds To Be Provided For Coronavirus Patients

The Chairman of the Health System Committee for Accident Control at Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Dr Saad Al Kaabi, revealed that in the next two weeks additional clinical capacity will be provided in hospitals, bringing the total number of new beds that were provided as part of Qatar’s strategy to face the coronavirus epidemic to approximately 3,500 beds.

Dr Al Kaabi stressed that there is no lack of beds for patients who need hospitalization, but members of society must at the same time continue to act proactively to prevent Coronavirus infection and prevent its spread.

He explained that there is no shortage of beds for the treatment of coronavirus patients, whether in critical care units or in the regular wards, where seven facilities have been allocated for the care of coronavirus patients, which are the Communicable Disease Center, Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, Cuban Hospital, Mesaieed Hospital, Ras Laffan Hospital and Libsear Hospital and the field hospital in the industrial area.

He pointed out that the ability to care for acute and critical cases increased significantly while enhancing the capabilities of existing hospitals and opening new ones. He said that Qatar is ready to respond to any epidemic scenario and this includes plans for the worst scenarios, and despite these positive steps, it is still more important than ever that everyone continues to help contain the spread of this virus by staying at home and following infection control measures, which is especially important today, as Qatar is moving into the height of infection stage and many people may feel tempted to ease their commitment to social distancing measures and gatherings to celebrate Eid Al Fitr.

Dr Al Kaabi indicated to the development and implementation of a strategy that allows ensuring the provision of appropriate care at the right time and place, as by allocating seven hospitals as treatment facilities designated for Covid-19, the majority of Coronavirus infected patients can be placed in a small number of locations, ensuring that there are specialized and trained teams and equipment to treat these patients.

He stated that the presence of coronavirus therapeutic facilities also helps to ensure that patients who need care not connected to coronavirus have access to treatment in a safer way.

Dr Saad Al Kaabi stressed the importance of the community continuing to work hand in hand to help limit the spread of the virus. For his part, Medical Director of Ras Laffan Hospital affiliated with HMC, Dr Khaled Al Jalham confirmed that the hospital, which was officially opened late last month, was built on an area of approximately 200,000 square meters and includes an underground floor, ground floor and two upper floors, pointing out that the hospital is a key component of Hamad’s response strategy to coronavirus.

The Acting Chairman of HMC’s Intensive Care Units (ICU) Dr Ahmed Al Mohammed, indicated that there are enough specialized medical facilities and teams to care for coronavirus patients who need intensive treatment and advanced respiratory support.

He said that HMC hospitals dedicated to dealing with coronavirus have a combined capacity in the intensive care units of approximately 400 beds, which can be increased to 700 beds, and there are currently 1452 people in acute care units and 163 people in the intensive care unit.

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