HMC Restarts Telemedicine Services

Hamad Medical Corporation has restarted its telephone consultation on February 10 for all outpatient services in an attempt to control the spread of COVID-19 and minimize the number of individuals at hospitals. 

In an interview with The Peninsula, Dr. Khalid Al Rumaihi, Head of Urology at HMC said that although this is a drastic change for patients, most medical complications can be settled through telemedicine. “Similar to the arrangements done during the beginning of the pandemic, all new and follow up appointments across the HMC hospitals will be over the telephone until the number of COVID-19 cases reduce,” he said, “We have re-introduced the telephone consultation as a measure to ensure the safety of patients, staff and the community.”

“Every patient who has an appointment at any of the HMC hospitals will be contacted and a telephone consultation will be fixed with the attending physician. The doctor will arrange a face-to-face appointment if needed and patient will be informed by the clinic,” Dr. Al Rumaihi said. 

He explained that during the telephone consultations, the attending physician will make the decision as to what the next move forward will be for the patient and if face-to-face consultation will be needed. Dr. Al Rumaihi also said patients who are in need of radiology or laboratory services will be directed to the appropriate department and their electronic medical records will be forwarded. 

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