Inspire Me for Education, Coaching and Consultancy has successfully concluded its first-ever Youth Empowerment Workshop Series.

The Youth Empowerment Workshop Series, which took place from November 17th – December 1st 2018, was held in the Banquet Hall of Tower 6, Porto Arabia – The Pearl, Qatar.  Bringing together a purposely intimate number of only 20 teenagers between the ages of 12-19 from across the country, the youth took part in a series of seven interactive Personal Development workshops to upgrade their vocational skills, social skills, critical thinking and commitment to goal setting in the different categories of their lives. The seven workshops were themed: Courageously Confident, Balancing Boldly – Career Guidance, Astonishingly Assertive, Vision Board Creation, Authentically You – Counteracting Bullying, Put to rest the Procrastinator and Finding your Purpose. The teen attendees showcased beautifully the diversity of Qatar, as nationalities enrolled were; Qatari, Malaysian, Nigerian, Irish, Canadian, Australian, Yemeni, Italian, Sudanese and Iranian.

The Youth Empowerment Series was honoured to have six of the youth’s enrolment tickets generously sponsored by Venita – a beauty booking platform that connects people with overall wellness, salons and spas in Qatar. The beverages and refreshments were sponsored daily by Qatari brand – Little White Cart Qatar. The entertainment sponsor was Angry Birds World, who gifted those enrolled free access to the Angry Birds World Go-Karting Track and a goody-bag of giveaways.

Elizabeth Wood, CEO & Founder of Inspire Me expressed: “At Inspire Me we strive to deliver unique personal development and coaching experiences that are specially designed to equip the youth with the confidence, and skills they need to excel personally, emotionally  and socially. Our inaugural Youth Empowerment Workshop Series was a tangible demonstration of this commitment, and we are delighted with the incredible success and impact it has had on each and every one of the youth in only seven short days.”

Other activities included inspiring guest-speakers such as Zahra Shikara a black-belt hijabi  expat in Qatar who addressed the youth on the benefits of learning Self-Defense through the practise of Martial Arts, and how to overcome bullying as a result. Valeria Mazzei an 18 year-old entrepreneur who is the CEO of her own designer brand – Venus Karma who inspires others by example; “From one teen to another teen, if can do it you can!” Valeria said. In addition to the value of the workshops, the youth received discounts on a designer brand, free goody bags and Go-Karting, free Taekwondo sessions and the chance to win a 1,500 QAR voucher by the renowned Etiquette Consultancy, Glam Your Image by Elisabete Reis. The award ceremony was attended and supported by Inspire Me’s local Qatari business partner Mrs. Asma Al Maadheed, who envisions to conduct workshops with Elizabeth in the Arabic language in the near future.

16 year-old youth Ali Al Kharazi expressed confidently; “I have learnt to be more self-confident, assertive, and especially today I showed a lot of people that I can do this. Inspire helped me find my goal which is to speak in front of more people, and today I did that! I did

that in front of 30 people which is a stepping stone to my professional speaking career in the future and Inspire Me was the reason I started this. I was proud to be offered the opportunity to be the MC of the Award Ceremony. I want to say thank you to Elizabeth Wood, Ishaq Mustaqim and Wasan Al Tikriti for coaching me and everyone involved in the project, I hope it grows.”

Wasan Al Tikriti, British-Iraqi Youth Mentor at Inspire Me expressed; “Watching them grow from the first day we met to the completion of the series, witnessing before our eyes how they all developed throughout the sessions, gained confidence, and made new friends after having social anxiety was really rewarding for me to see,” said Wasan.

Special collaboration partner and international public figure Ishaq Mustaqim, Youth Mentor from Montreal Canada commented at the award ceremony; “We were overjoyed to see such happiness and enthusiasm from the the enrolled youth, parents, sponsors, coaches and everyone involved. After such wonderful feedback, we are already looking forward to hosting another batch very soon, there are no limits as to how this initiative may evolve in the future.”

Ms. Hamda Al-Subaey the elder sister of one the enrolled youth, commented: “As guardians and parents, we are thrilled to see our youth taking part in these types of empowering initiatves. For my 18 year-old sister Maryam, we have seen the change in her that she can now answer questions in front of an small audience, speak her mind to those in authoritative roles, and make friends with more like-minded people her age which are the first steps to overcoming her inner fears and social anxiety. It has boosted her confidence; the whole experience was very inspiring. If she attends more workshops like these who knows how her personality can flourish even more and become an emotionally intelligent adult.”


The Youth Empowerment Workshop Series was created and initiated by Inspire Me for Education, Coaching and Consultancy. We give thanks to our local promoters and Doha-influencers; I Love Qatar, Qatar Events, Marhaba Qatar, Oh La La Magazine Qatar, Gulf Times, @Newindoha, @Zafftravelbiteqatar, @Megabyheart, @Glamyourimage, @Venus.karma, @Zahrasays and @I HeartDoha_Podcast.



Credit: Press Release.

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