International Artists Doha – This Time It Is ‘Emotion’ At W Doha

Ever since its establishment in 2011 onwards the International Artists Doha (IAD), the non-profit resident artist’s organization regularly conducting art exhibition based on ‘themes,’ which always carry a socially relevant message to the community.  IAD started its operation, just with 13 different nationalities, but all residents of Qatar drawn from professional artists and art lovers. Every year IAD conducts an annual exhibition on different venues, and in 2018, the theme is ‘emotion,’ and the exhibition is presently going on at W Hotel & Residence’s Art29 gallery from March 24, 2018, and will continue until April 9, 2018. Every day the show will be open to public from 9:00am to 7:00pm.

In the 2018 ‘emotion’ themed international exhibition, about 33 renowned artists shall be participating, exhibiting their various style of artworks, representing multiple countries by using different means of canvas, not limited to fine arts.  Visitors will have the rare opportunity to watch different calligraphy style, live performances, the grand display of Persian jewelry and much more.

(Pendant Created By Artist Deema Qoudourra)

Emotion plays a vital role in maintaining a relationship, and an artist can clearly exhibit his/her passion through their artwork.  The same goes with cultures and religion and emotion dominates and takes place different expression while we communicate. So the theme, “emotion,” will have its reflection in the ongoing exhibition at the Art29 gallery of W Hotel.

(Pendant Created By Artist Deema Qoudourra)

International Artists Doha is a non-profit organization, with limited membership options and works like a closed group.  No more public memberships are offering since it has to maintain its delicate fabric of internal relationship; however, the membership structure keeps on changing to meet the demand of the situation, especially when expats leave the country for good.

Way back in 2011, International Artists Doha took birth under the leadership of two Dutch artists, Winnifred Bastian and Marjolijin Stolk.  In the same year, the group was able to perform its first exhibition on June 4, 2011, at QIPCO with ten-member artists of different nationalities.

After that, it had consecutive exhibitions in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016 with different themes.  The 2017 show was a turning point, where IAD had its vision very clear and exhibitions had its focus on socially relevant issues. The 2017 exhibition theme was ‘Timing Passing,’ declared open by Willy Kempel, Ambassador of Australia, which had a participation 29 artists from various countries, residents of Qatar. Artists had displayed their talents in multiple formats ranging from abstract, realism, contemporary, surrealism, etc., which was a roaring success.

(Artwork By Artist Raida Abdul Salam Abu Issa)

Every year International Artists Doha organize an exhibition to showcase its members’ works to the public, which will have a session of extensive workshops, live painting, and public interactions. The 2018 exhibition is progressing at WD Hotel’s Art29 gallery, and as per available list, 33 artists shall be participating in the event.  Emotions are part of life, and it has a significant impact on our lives. The 2018 theme, ‘emotion’ is all about life and what is happening in our environment. Everybody has their own reasoning, and artists shall have their own style to demonstrate their emotions. No matter, what these artists have kept for us in the exhibition, but one thing is sure, all artistic works, irrespective of their media shall radiate the essence of ‘emotion.’ Let us visit, International Artists Doha Exhibition at W Doha.

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