Interprofessional Immunization Training Program by University of Calgary

The University of Calgary in Qatar (UCQ) and Primary Health Care Corporation (PHCC) recently co-sponsored a Continuous Professional Development (CPD) training program entitled Interprofessional Immunization Training.

Over 70 nurses, physicians, and pharmacists from across PHCC centres in Qatar met on the UCQ campus to strengthen their own capacity to effectively deliver Qatar’s vaccination program.

Guest presenters included Dr. Deborah White, Dean, UCQ; Dr. Khalid El-Awad, Public Health Expert, Primary Health Care Corporation; Dr. Jessie Johnson, Assistant Professor, UCQ; Dr Amal Khidir, Associate Professor of Pediatrics, Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, and Dr. Zachariah Nazar, Assistant Professor, College of Pharmacy, Qatar University.

Immunization Training Program 2

“Building vaccine and immunization competencies for health care providers in Qatar is a significant and necessary goal,” explained Dr Deborah White, Dean, the University of Calgary in Qatar.

He also stated that, “It’s a public health responsibility to ensure that health care providers are trained how to give vaccines and that they provide appropriate and timely information to the public. UCQ is very excited to be engaged in this event and to make such an important contribution to the community.”

Launched at the invitation of PHCC, the event is part of an ongoing series of CPD opportunities organized by UCQ in order to enhance the interprofessional collaboration of health care practitioners in the State of Qatar. Along with PHCC, UCQ proudly partnered with Weill Cornell Medicine – Qatar, Qatar University’s College of Pharmacy, and the Qatar Council for Healthcare Practitioners.

Topics discussed included: patient and family centred care and shared decision-making planning in the delivery of Qatar’s vaccination program, fundamentals of immunity and vaccination, best practices in vaccination management, strategies to overcome obstacles that reduce vaccination uptake. Upcoming events in this series will also include practical workshops and clinical simulations to be led by UCQ faculty members.

According to Dr Khalid El-Awad from PHCC, “The organization is working closely to enhance ties and advance evidence-based research and collaboration between the service provider and educational institutions to improve patient care and outcome.”

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