Katara Cultural Village Foundation Launching New Online Competitions

The Katara Cultural Village Foundation is gearing up to launch a new package of competitions and activities through its website. This comes to meet its cultural and educational role in line with the state’s precautionary policy to limit the spread of the coronavirus. It will also announce soon the winners of competitions that had been launched in the past recently and achieved great participation from inside or outside Qatar.

During Eid Al Fitr, Katara organised a number of activities and programmes through its website in which it recorded, in four days of the Eid, more than 300,000 visits on its website to follow up the various activities and educational program which gathered between education and entertainment. Among the entertainment activities which attracted more viewers was the virtual fireworks that were organized by Katara to celebrate Eid. The other online celebrations also attracted many people as its website recorded thousands of followers.

Katara is also organising innovative competitions that included choosing the most beautiful costume for children on the Eid by sending a photo or video of the participating child. One of the conditions for this competition is that the image or video should be of high quality. Other conditions are that Katara can use the pictures or videos for any purpose. The deadline for submitting entries is 30th May 2020. Katara also will distribute gifts “Al Eidiya”, and people have to register on the website to get it. In case the participant wins, he will get e-voucher via WhatsApp. The gifts will be sent through the sponsor of the delivery service, Rafiq Company, after 30th May 2020. Katara will also distribute some gifts to Dreama children who are in health quarantine.

To enter, please visit: Katara

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