Katara Ramadan Chess Open Championship kicks off

Chess Open Championship

The Cultural Village Foundation – Katara opened the Katara Ramadan Open Chess Championship on Monday at building 15, with the participation of 102 professional international chess players

Dr Khalid bin Ibrahim Al Sulaiti, the General Manager of Katara, opened the Championship by making the first move to announce the beginning of the tournaments that will run for seven days, until next Tuesday.

Dr Sulaiti assured that Katara is keen on spreading this game among the Qatari society and support players and amateurs who want to move to the next level and hit the international level.

Championship coordinator and manager, Hussein Aziz said that this year, the Katara Ramadan Chess championship has witnessed a big time c=improvements in all ways. “First of all, we have acquired the accreditation from the International Chess Federation which makes it a chance for the international players to achieve more points and add to their careers”, he said. Highlighting the new improvements in this year’s championship, Aziz assured that the success of the championship was reflected by the large number of applicants by professional international players from all around the world who submitted to register and enrol in the championship, but due to the limit of the places, nearly 102 players were selected to qualify and compete in the championship.

“The championship this year also offers much bigger prizes, so the first 10 places are awarded while the winner in the first place will get QR6,000”, he said. Aziz noted that there was an outstanding number of young players participating below 12 years old which makes the championship a door to many amateur players towards professionalism.

The championship was monitored and supervised by internationally accredited referees who maintained strict rules and regulations for the game to meet with the standards of international chess championships. “A player is only allowed with two illegal moves or else they will be disqualified from the game, in addition to that, mobile phone are strictly prohibited during the games as well as no friends or family members are allowed inside the championship hall”, Yousef Al Mahasna, an international referee, said.

Players also praised the great organising the championship has and the great improvements it has witnessed. Emad Salhi, a participant in the championship said that the championship this year has seen many new improvements which attracted many professional internationally registered players.

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