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Kunafa Madness – For The Love Of Kunafa

Kunafa Madness is quite a famous dessert outlet located at Qatar Sports Club, Doha, Qatar. As the name says, the desserts are made over for the love of kunafa. They are known for providing kunafa desserts straight from their kitchen. This particular outlet is a unique brand created by a bunch of food enthusiasts who are at present working hard to bring in creative kunafa made desserts to their customers, and moreover, their presentation skills are exceptional.

Kunafa is a dessert that is usually made up of long and thin strands/noodle like pastry. It’s a sugar soaked dessert which is a great food to have during any part of the day, especially during Ramadan days. Kunafa Madness has been creating unique recipes using the kunafa dough, and most of them do have cheese, cream and blossomed water in them and drizzled with toppings that make our taste buds crave for more and more.

Kunafa Madness have been experimenting well, and it did take some time to order, as there were so many to choose from their menu. In fact, we got excited and wanted to taste most out of it on their menu, which envisages the following.

-Kunafa (Original recipe)
-Kunafa Cone
-Rise Crispies (Rise crispies cups filled with Nutella, Pistachio Sauce, and Lotus Sauce)
-Cheesy Kunafa Bites
-Kinder Kunafa
-Mabrouma (Kunafa rolls filled with cheese)
-Kunafa sticks

The Kunafa cones are made up of kunafa and filled up with a scoop of ice cream, the iciness of the ice cream, and the crunchiness of the kunafa is a perfect blend of a crunchy dessert and not to forget the pistachio topping. Cheesy bites were simple kunafa balls filled up with cheese, the cheese was a bit on the salty and crumbly side, but the syrup balanced the overall flavor of the dessert. The Kinder Kunafa was hit among the TIQ team; we did love the gooeyness of the cheese with the kinder chocolate topping making it one of the most scrumptious dishes on the menu. Mr.TIQ’s personal favorite is the kunafa stick, shaped like the magnum ice cream and drizzled with Nutella and rice crispies; this dessert is a crunchy, chocolatey, cheesy dish. His sweet tooth is Nutella addicted.

The ambiance of Kunafa Madness is something which everybody would like very much. It is indeed quite fun, relaxing, friendly and gives us the feel of “Yellow Is The New Black.” People will have a very much relaxed moment while devouring scrumptious desserts and drinks. It is an ideal dessert parlour to bring your family and friends for spending that fun quality time. Let all your friends and family members taste these craving kunafa specialties. The hospitality is too excellent, and the service is much faster than any dessert eats outs, which will surprise you a lot. The masterminds behind Kunafa Madness are doing a commendable job.

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