Labour Ministry Issues Set Of Exit And Entry Procedures For Industrial Area

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs has called upon companies and workers to comply with the preventive and precautionary measures to ensure their safety and security while entry and exit within the gradual opening of the Industrial Area.

The Ministry also issued a guideline ‘Organising Exit and Entry Procedures’ for Industrial Area on their website. The guideline was prepared by the Permanent Committee for Industrial Area.

Here are the guidelines: Organising Exit and Entry Procedures For Industrial Area

According to the procedures, companies wishing for their workers to exit the area must ensure that the Ehteraz app is downloaded on the workers’ phones with their screening results. In case the worker’s phone does not have the feature that allows them to download the program or doesn’t own a mobile phone, he will not be allowed to exit.

In continuation of the current precautionary measures, a plan was put to organize the exit and entry of individuals, goods and vehicles into and out of the industrial area, provided that the percentage of employment within the companies’ headquarters does not exceed 20 per cent of their employees.

The plan on the Ministry’s website also includes a screening and verification process as well as random thermal inspection in collaboration with various other entities to ensure the safety of workers while entering and exiting the area. These procedures came into effect starting from 5th May 2020 until the issuance of further procedures.

Regarding the Industrial Area entrance and exit gates (from street 2 to street 32), the first entrance is located in Al Kassarat Street, the intersection of Street No. 15 from the northern side. The second entrance is located on the eastern side of the intersection of Al Wakalat Street with Street No. 15. The third entrance is located between the intersection of 33 Street south with Al Kasarat Street. The fourth entrance is located at the intersection of Street No 15 with Western Industrial Street.

Regarding health requirements in the industrial area, no one is allowed to enter without wearing a mask. Sterilizers must be provided in the workplace. Compliance with occupational safety and health requirements at the workplace is a must.

Other requirements include signing a pledge not to let workers mingle with others outside the Industrial Area while working on various projects and distributing awareness brochures to companies about safe distancing (two meters) and other preventive measures. Control and compliance procedures include carrying out inspection campaigns on the workers’ sites to ensure that companies are adhering to the standards and specifications of decent housing for workers. It is also required to issue exit and return permits for workers and taking the necessary pledges and approvals for the transportation and storage of dangerous or radioactive materials. The most important thing in the organization process is that the companies are allowed to return to all their commercial and industrial activities and to transfer workers and equipment outside the Industrial Area by submitting an application to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for an entry permit (temporary-permanent).

For requests for material and equipment transportation, an application should be submitted via the website of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or the hotline 2345130 and approval will be issued within 48 hours. Employment transfer requests should be referred to the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs to check and to ensure the requirements for issuing permits are met.

The company’s commitment to health, housing and workplace requirements will be evaluated. In case of any violation of these conditions, the company will be penalized, and the transfer permit will be suspended until the conditions are settled. Companies, factories, and workshops are allowed to enter and exit with products and raw materials. Employers and employees are allowed to enter to run their business while adhering to the health safety requirements.

Anyone who does not belong to the category of employers, administrators, or employees will not be permitted to enter the area. The services can be provided to them through retail stores outside the Industrial Area (branches – distribution contracts).

For more information, please visit: Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs

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