Labour Ministry Launches Online Services For Issuing Work Permit And Changing Profession

The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs announced the launch of two new online services on its website.

The two new services are requesting a work permit (issuance of a work card) for those who are on the residency of their relatives, and changing the profession, which benefits residents who wish to issue a new work permit or renew, cancel and extract a replacement for a lost one. This step comes within the framework of the Ministry’s keenness to provide its services online to facilitate processing and following up the services remotely.

The importance of offering a work permit application service (issuing a work card) is providing a digital alternative that facilitates the application process electronically, especially if the person concerned is not brought by the employer and wants to contract with it for regular and main professions with the attachment of supporting documents, especially for sub-professions in accordance with the terms and conditions.

The applicant for changing the profession (or changing the job title) in the resident’s ID card can also do so either from the party concerned or the authorized signatory with attaching the required documents.

The Recruitment Department provides other online services through the Ministry’s website and the Amrani application available through smart devices. The introduction of two services is considered to be a continuation of the Ministry’s plan to provide various online services to individuals and companies to facilitate the use of various services, in the implementation of the Ministry’s plan to provide digital alternatives to the public without the need to review government services complexes, including the service (digital certification of multilingual work contract) announced in June.

The Ministry has prepared an online directory that the concerned person or the employer can refer to via the website or through the ministry’s social media platforms to learn about service requirements, terms, conditions, and procedure steps.

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