Leadership Seminar By OSM Qatar

OSM Qatar, (Open Source Management) conducts mind-blowing seminars on leadership and understanding the economy and various aspect of the business needs in the current world. OSM had its last seminar on October 9, 2018, with a keynote presentation on ‘The New Leaders: What Do Business Owners Need to Know to Win in Modern Economy.’ The main speaker was Paolo Ruggeri, the founder of OSM International.

OSM helps entrepreneurs to become successful through continuous education by offering empowerment and increased awareness to achieve the objective; OSM uses the trademark protected I-Profile, an advanced analytical system, which allows doing a 360-degree attitude screening of entrepreneurs and employees to pinpoint the significant flaws that hold them from success. The system has been used successfully in USA, Russia, China, Europe, Switzerland, and many other countries.

The key services of OSM are I-Profile Analysis, Leadership Training, and Guru Jobs. The service targets in accomplishing the concept of ‘Available Access,’ by identifying the potential of employees and business owners and mold them to be successful. The I-Profile Analysis helps in determining the potential of each and also understanding the pros and cons. The Leadership Training course helps one in improving their management ability of other senior executives who run the show. The Guru Job helps in finding the right talent for the company, by offering recruitment services.

The key speech by Paolo Ruggeri, the founder of OSM International and eloquently debated how to beat your competitor, increase profitability by 20%, highlighted the importance of holding employees who want to become successful professional along with the entrepreneur. The event offered free of cost I-Profiling analysis worth $700. The participants had the opportunity to meet various entrepreneurs, business owners, General Managers, HR Managers, and other senior executives.

As per OSM, being a business person doesn’t mean to see the world through currencies, but also having a positive emotional side towards everyone as it is their empathy that will draw them closer to the employees and other people in the company. A business shall grow only when the employees are happy and content. Being in the management business consultant sector for over 27 years now, OSM share the strategies of most successful entrepreneurs to let you stand out from the peers as a winner. The seminars targets improving attitudes, psychological approaches and transforming people to become a successful entrepreneur.

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