Temperatures are about to cool down with the new Blue Road project!

Experience the new Blue Road in Qatar, near Souq Waqif, Abdulla Bin Jasim street for 200 meters.

This is to reduce the intensity of hot weather in these areas. The construction is an initiative from Ashgal and Japan companies using Japanese technologies. The roads have sensors to detect heat intensity and the sensor reading will be used to determine the accuracy of this implementation. It is done on a trial basis which will last for 1.5 years.

The black tarring leads to the contraction and expansion which increases the temperature level, especially during summer. The 1mm blue tarring consists of heat reducing colors and holo-ceramic-microspheres. It reduces the UV radiations and solar radiation in the area, which will also influence the temperature in nearby areas.

After the trial and study of the implementation, this is will be implemented in the main areas in Qatar. The blue color reduces the temperature from 15-20 Degree Celsius as per the scientific survey.

Hope you have a nice time traveling around Souq Waqif to experience the new cool pavement technology!

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