Licensing Of Home-Based Small Businesses To Boost Self-Employment In Qatar

The government’s initiative to issue licenses to conduct commercial activities in residential properties through the Bedaya (Career Development) Center is expected to further encourage self-employment and small businesses in Qatar.

With the new initiative, a large number of entrepreneurs can legitimise their home-based small businesses, expand their growth prospects, attract additional income and contribute towards enhancing the quality of local products.

The initiative, which will commence ahead of the winter season in Qatar, will help a number of entrepreneurs who are engaged in horticulture and ornamental plant gardening. The home license will also help flourish other sectors like boutiques, office space, handicrafts, pottery, and many others. 
Speaking to Qatar Tribune Hassan Ahmed al Suwaidi, an agriculturist who turned one of residential property into a nursery of ornamental plants said, “It’s a good opportunity for many small-scale entrepreneurs who use their private villas for commercial purpose.”

The initiative is introduced in association with the Qatar Development Bank and the Silatech and is supported by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. The entrepreneurs can apply through the Bedaya Center for a home license. 

In a statement to media, Abdulla Faleh Al Saeed, Board Member and Acting General Manager of Bedaya Center said, “This initiative comes in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to support the efforts made by the centre to motivate entrepreneurs to start their home projects within the legal procedures. Our joining hands with the ministry will definitely help our upcoming entrepreneurs to spread and expand the appearance of their products and services not only on social media platforms but in all retail stores under the license that they will obtain, which gives them moral and material support at the same time.”

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