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Lunch Rapido at Maya Doha

There’s no doubt that you have to fuel up during your productive days, so you can only hope for a meal that will amplify your day – which is no other than Mexican cuisine.

The menu is all set with an array of appetizers, main course items and dessert. With lots of variety and having dishes that burst with rich flavors, it is no doubt that price value of only QAR 95 is a bang for a buck.

Beginning the course with appetizers, you can opt for the nachos – a traditional Mexican appetizer favorite. The cheese complemented with the nachos is a Maya special, so all the cheese lovers can unite for this exclusive dish. If you would like to go for something that’s out of the ordinary, there’s always the aguachile de camaron – a decadent prawn-based dish with an exotic blend of salsa xnipec, and the aguachile verde sauce.

As for the main course, there are the classics such as the beef tacos and the enchiladas vegetarianas. You can go on a more adventurous route with the tampiquena, a grilled beef steak that comes along with the vibrant Mexican rice, corn tortilla with beans and sour cream. To top it off, it’s accompanied with the arbol chili sauce; the hint of spice you never thought you needed.

No lively lunch is complete with some sweet treats, we would dare you to try the ancho chili chocolate cake. It’s far as the term “sugar and spice” would go!

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