Maison Des Senses At Doha Festival City.

The opening of the house of senses, a house of exquisite art, the making of perfumes and cosmetics, is an ART. Salam Stores, Qatar’s leading luxury fashion and beauty retailer had opened its beauty flagship store “Maison Des Senses” at Doha Festival City on the 7th February 2018. The launch features exquisite luxury collections from Tom Ford Beauty & Kilian fragrance. It was an enchanting experience with a blend of sensuous scents and glamorous colors, a pure luxurious bliss.

The 10th-anniversary collection of Kilian Fragrance by Kilian Hennessy is called the “A Night To Remember” and each of the perfume come along with a beautiful, sophisticated perfume clutch with serpent charm detail in gold. The perfume bottles are glass flacons with writings embossed on a gold plate that truly reflect elegant luxury. The “Moonlight In Heaven” collection is a creation by an inspiration taken from his stay at Thailand. An aromatic perfume that takes you back to the sweet citrus tropical days in Thailand and it comes along with the black clutch with the opalescent mother-of-pearl detail that mimics the pale gleam of the moon.They even have a fragrance range for the home; the scented tassels intrigued us.

Kilian Fragrance expert Scott Price had explained us about the inspirations behind the creation of each perfume and had left us intrigued. If you would like to experience a unique perfume journey, the place to visit is Maison Des Senses at Doha Festival City.

Moving onto the sensuous and glamorous world of Tom Ford Beauty, “Beauty comes from revealing your most glamorous and inspirational self. It is about amplifying your individuality and showing the world who you are, with maximum impact.” told by Tom Ford. Each fragrance is a creation from inspirations of fragrance’s sophisticated and glamorous past. Tom Ford launched his fragrance collection starting with the “Black Orchid,” An iconic oriental fragrance that reflects the sensuous and luxurious blend of black orchids and spice. The “Private Blend Collection” is a creation based on the single note of a perfume. The designer tells us his very own secret on how to create a unique scent – “Layer one or two perfumes to create a sense of depth and richness.” Onto the glam side of Tom Ford Beauty, one of the most noted product during the launch was the Tom Ford Illuminating Primer. TF beauty expert Ruel Menor showed us how this primer could create a beautiful flawless look and recommended that we use this to create a perfect canvas for our makeup. The colors from the palettes were subtle yet glamorous, perfect blends of colors and not overpowering to the eyes.

Do visit Maison Des Senses at the Doha Festival City, the flagship store for Tom Ford Beauty & Kilian Fragrance.



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