Make yourself at home in Vapiano

wind on a busy day. With their key message as ‘home of freshness’, the core focus of the restaurant is to ensure the dishes served to your table are derived from pure and fresh ingredients.

As Vapiano is a restaurant chain franchise that has started in Germany, it has branched out worldwide to various countries and maintains the same standard.

What makes the service at Vapiano unique is the use of the smart-card payment system, where customers use to scan and order their dishes of choice. This type of service is to experience a live cooking setting, where you can see the chefs preparing your flavorful dishes in front of you.

As for the service, the overall concept emphasizes on the aspect of teamwork. The staff ensures a friendly ambience is set, as it is arranged to make yourself comfortable. With the variation of seating arrangements, you are at liberty to select your own setting and comfort.

There are various stations such as Pasta, Pizza and Dessert. The dishes are extravagant and flavorful, and best of all they are freshly made. The pasta is produced and made on the same day. You will also find unique flavors of the dishes, such as BBQ Chicken Pizza.

You will also have the chance to indulge in dessert and coffee, so you can spend your time at Vapiano any time during the day. With the simplistic interiors that reflect upon the core value of freshness, it’s the ideal spot to stop by and make yourself comfortable.

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