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Metrash2: Indian and Pakistani residents in Qatar can now apply for family resident visas

Great news for Indian and Pakistani residents in Qatar, you can now apply for family resident visas through the Metrash2 app!

Although there has been no official announcement about this from the Ministry of Interior, the app lists both countries as options under ‘Nationality’ in the section to apply for family resident visas.

It is expected that this development will unite hundreds of expatriate families whose plans to settle in Qatar were delayed due to COVID-19, and the subsequent restrictions which included curbs on new resident visa applications and visits from high-risk countries such as India and Pakistan, which still cannot be selected as options to apply for family visa visits.

Currently, only Pakistani and Indian citizens with a valid resident permit are able to enter Qatar, whereas before the COVID-19 outbreak such residents were able to bring their families from back home to Qatar on temporary visit visas, or settle them in the country by applying for family resident visas.

To apply for the family resident visas, go to the ‘Visa’ page on the Metrash2 app, then select ‘Family Visit’ and ‘Family Resident Application’. Finally, click ‘New Application’ and follow the instructions from there.

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