Ministry Announces Second Phase For Distributing Masks In Pharmacies

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) announced the mechanism of the second phase for distributing masks through pharmacies starting 13th April 2020. Residents of Qatar can buy masks from selected pharmacies by showing their Qatar IDs. A maximum of 20 masks for QR40 to be purchased per individual. You must be above 21 years old to purchase the masks.

MOCI released – “citizens who did not extract their ration card can obtain the specified share using their ID card. Residents can obtain their specified share using their ID cards. The share allocated to each ID is 20 masks and the selling price is QR40.”

The selected pharmacies:
Boots Group of Pharmacies
Al Aziziya Group of Pharmacies
Kulud Group of Pharmacies
Wellcare Group of Pharmacies
Al Jazi Group of Pharmacies
Care n Cure Group of Pharmacies
Sunlife Group of Pharmacies
Allevia Group of Pharmacies
Relief Group of Pharmacies
Family Group of Pharmacy
Afiya Group of Pharmacies
Ebn Sina Group of Pharmacies
Aksyr Al Hyah Pharmacy
Health & Life Pharmacy
Value Pharmacy
Diplomat Pharmacy
Ibn Khaldoon Pharmacy
Qatar Pharmacy
Ebn Nafees Pharmacy

For more information, please visit: MOCI

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