Ministry of Commerce and Industry: Disinfection Steps After Returning Home From Shopping

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI) shared disinfection tips and steps after residents and citizens of Qatar return home from shopping in public places.

“Tips to follow after shopping and returning home.” MOCI tweeted and attached this picture:

The disinfection steps include:

  • Take off your shoes outside the house.
  • Empty and dispose off your grocery bags.
  • Wash and sterilise vegetables and fruits by soaking them in water and vinegar. Vegetables like lettuce, parsley, mint and green onions may be soaked in water for 10-15 mins and then washed well and dried.
  • Wash all cans as well as plastic and glass containers with water and soap before arranging or using them. You may spray disinfectants on the labels of food products before using them.
  • Safely dispose off face masks and gloves after using them.
  • Take off your clothes, put them aside and wash them separately at 60-70 degrees celsius.
  • Wash your hands with water and soap for 20-30 seconds after disposing off the bags or opening cans and using contents.
  • Clean and sterilise surfaces that came in contact with bags using sterilisers or watered-down chlorine.

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