Ministry of Education Opens 5 New Schools with International and Sustainable Standards

The Ministry of Education and Higher Education will open five new schools for boys and girls in a number of population centers in the State for the preparatory and secondary stages, in order to provide the best possible educational experience for students, in an effort to achieve the development goals in Qatar and achieve its National Vision 2030.

The ministry said in a statement Sunday that the new schools will begin receiving students with the start of the new academic year 2022-2023, noting that each school can contain 786 students, including 36 with special needs, distributed over 6 classrooms in each school, while the rest of the 750 students are distributed over 30 classrooms.

The ministry pointed out that the new schools are characterized by their modern buildings, which comply with the educational system to facilitate the work of administrative and teaching staff and make the educational process more smooth and rich for students, as each school includes a sports hall, a theater, science laboratories, technical workshops, computer halls, outdoor playgrounds, in addition to an air-conditioned queue yard and dedicated parking.

The ministry indicated that during the construction of schools, it was keen to apply the sustainability standards followed in the country, as it used environmentally friendly materials that ensure the classification of new school buildings as green buildings according to national standards, as well as applying security and safety conditions and ensuring easy access to persons with special needs.

The new schools are located in the areas of Al Wakra, Al Wukair, Rawdat Al Hamama, Umm Salal, and Bu Fasseela of Umm Salal municipality. The their opening of the schools comes as part of the Qatar Public Private Partnership Schools project, which is part of a total of 8 schools for the first package to be opened through this partnership.

Source: QNA

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