Ministry Of Justice Efforts Of Regulating Real Estate Brokerage

Director of the Real Estate Brokerage Department at the Ministry of Justice, Khalid Hassan Al Mehshadi said it is mandatory for real estate brokers to take the courses offered by the Department to qualify them as knowledgeable in the laws and regulations of Qatar.

Al Mehshadi said the department has made efforts to regulate real estate brokerage practice while speaking with Qatar TV programme. “The courses are mandatory for real estate brokerage offices. Every office will take the course as it is necessary for obtaining licenses… “We have started preparing list of real estate brokerage offices operating in the country following the directive of the Ministry of Justice for a smooth operation and to serve interests of both parties,” he said.

Al Mehshadi also explained that the list of real estate brokerage offices will be made public soon, “The list will be uploaded on the dedicated page of the website of the Ministry of Justice with details of the office, its address to make ease for people dealing with them.”

The new laws help build the trust of the people dealing with them, he said. “As per the law, the employees of the office will carry badges of their offices. The real estate deals will be taken place through attested contracts mentioning the commission in clear words to safeguard the rights of both parties,” said Al Mehshadi.

The courses are being held by Center for Legal and Judicial Studies at the Ministry. The training course will qualify brokers and add to their professionalism, helping them take the legal oath and legally credit them to practice the profession. 

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