Ministry Of Public Health Launches E-Learning Platform for Autism

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) has launched today an E-learning platform targeting parents and caregivers for children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

​​The platform was launched in partnership with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) Child Development and Pediatric Rehabilitation Center, Qatar Foundation, Al Shafallah centre for persons with disabilities, and Qatar Autism Society.

The main objective of the website is to offer parents and caregivers a digital source of scientific information covering educational, social and health-related topics.

“The platform is part of the efforts of MOPH and partners for all individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and their families, said Dr. Dr.Noof Mohammed Al Siddiqi, Health Lead, National Autism Plan, MoPH. She added that: We hope, with all the support, we can build a network to provide all families in our community with the UpToDate publications regarding Autism, video and interface peer to peer support we can make the lives of the individuals on the Autism spectrum to reach their aspired potential and much more,”

The platform includes a variety of resources, including recorded videos by experts in Autism. It will also feature monthly live interactive educational sessions run by experts in the field and covering a variety of topics. This is especially important now that parents need extra support and advice during the COVID-19 pandemic and the change in their children’s routine due to the precautionary measures, including physical distancing.

“The Information Systems Department under the MoPH has provided the community with many electronic solutions hat support digital transformation; filling the existing gaps and challenges that were introduced during the current COVID-19 pandemic,” said Ms. Fatima Ibrahim Shaikhi, Project Lead, Information Systems Department, MoPH. “The Autism portal allows autism socialists in Qatar to share their expertise and discuss important topics that will provide parents and caregivers with valuable information,” she added.
The first online session will cover the topic of ‘Behavioral changes among young people with special needs’ and will be run on June 24, by Dr. Mohammed Al Taher, Senior consultant psychiatrist and Learning disability service lead, Mental health services, HMC. Dates and times for future sessions will be announced on the website in advance.

Parents and caregivers of children and adults with ASD are encouraged to visit the webpage on (​) and to benefit from the resources available for them.
For more information, please visit: MOPH

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