MOCI Announced Gradual Lifting Of COVID-19 Curbs On Spas, Massage Parlours And Indoor Pools From 15th September

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry announced the fourth phase of the gradual lifting of restrictions imposed on spa activities, massage services and indoor swimming pools, which will come into force from Tuesday, September 15th 2020.

“Complementing the previous decisions taken by the State of Qatar to preserve the safety and health of citizens and residents and limit the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19), the following was decided:,” Ministry tweeted.

• Increasing occupancy rate of men’s hairdressing salons and women’s beauty centers to 50% of the capacity.

• Allowing the resumption of spa activities, massage services, jacuzzi, Moroccan and Turkish bath services, and indoor swimming pools with a capacity of 30% of the normal capacity in hotels.

• Moroccan and Turkish bath and indoor swimming pools in women’s beauty centers and gyms with a capacity of 30% of the normal capacity, provided that the total area of the facility is not less than 250 square meters, subject to obtaining the prior approval of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

• Opening of facilities that provide massage services, Jacuzzis, Moroccan and Turkish bath services, and indoor swimming pools, which is less than 250 square meters, is postponed to the next phase of gradually lifting of restrictions imposed on spa activities.

According to the decision, the management of health resorts and salons are bound by the precautionary measures and preventive measures set by the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs, and they must apply the following guidelines:

  • The number of clients should not exceed the allowed occupancy rate during the current period.
  • Clients should be allowed to enter only after checking green status on Ehteraz app
  • Examine the temperature of customers at entrances and do not allow individuals whose temperature exceeds 38 degrees celsius.
  • Providing hand sanitizers and soap in all spa and salon facilities.
  • Requiring customers to book in advance and preventing them from waiting and gathering inside spas and salons.
  • Requiring employees and clients to leave a distance of not less than two meters between them.

“This decision shall take effect from Tuesday, 15 September 2020, and is subject to amendment and updating according to developments in this regard, and any violation of the stipulations of this decision exposes the perpetrators to legal procedures and accountability,” the ministry said.

The Ministry affirmed that the success of each stage of the comprehensive plan for the gradual lifting of restrictions depends on the extent of everyone’s commitment to implementing the required preventive and precautionary measures.

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