MoEHE Undersecretary: Teacher Presence For Effective Learning

Dr. Ibrahim bin Saleh Al Nuaimi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education, said yesterday that teachers’ presence in school is vital because they can impart information to students in the most successful way possible using the latest technologies.

In an interview with Qatar TV yesterday, he said “A teacher has a very important humanitarian message in building societies and his or her presence is very much needed in the school because many technologies and equipment are available only at school. By using the technology, they can teach students in the best possible way. By staying at home, the teachers will not be able to teach students effectively,” 

“The Ministry has spared no efforts in providing the precautionary measures and vaccination to prevent the spread of the coronavirus among teachers,” Al Nuaimi added. In accordance with Cabinet decisions, the number of teaching hours and classes has been limited, he said. 

In response to the Ministry’s need for new foreign teachers, he said that the Ministry hires teachers every year, especially for technical specializations not offered by the College of Education, as well as specializations relevant to people with special needs.

Furthermore, since the majority of those who enroll in College of Education programs are females, there is a need to hire male teachers. Another explanation for recruiting more teachers is the rise in pupil numbers and the launch of new boys’ schools.

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