MOI: National Address To Be Compulsory To Complete Many Other Transactions

The Ministry of Interior has renewed its call to citizens and residents to register their National Address before the deadline of July 26, 2020. The registration of National Address will be compulsory and required for public to complete many other transactions.

So far, over one million people in Qatar have registered themselves in the national address while the registration process will continue until July 26, 2020.

“The National Address will be one of the information required to complete (other) transactions. Register your national address to ensure the completion of your transactions in a proper time,” said the Ministry on its Twitter account.

The registration of the national address started on January 27, 2020 and will continue until July 26.

Every applicant is responsible for giving the correct information and there is a fine of QR10,000 for giving false information.

The fine also applies for not registering during the 6-month period. The fine can be reconciled to QR5,000 before reaching the court.

Meanwhile according to a poll on the Ministry of Interior website, around 5,000 people preferred registering their national address through Metrash2.

The poll was about which is the most suitable way for people to register their national address. The total number of people participated in the poll so far is 6,562 while the online survey started on May 1, 2020 will continue until June 30, 2020.

The result showed that 76 percent of voters which is 4,989 preferred Metrash2, while 20 percent which represent 1,312 participants prefer MoI e-services portal while only 4 percent (261) preferred MoI services centers.

The National Address data include one’s residence address in Qatar, landline and cell phone numbers, e-mail address, and work address for those who work in government or private sector.

The registration is available through Metrash2 and the Ministry website, in addition to the Ministry of Interior service centres in the country, but in order to limit spread of the coronavirus, the Ministry urged people to register only online through its website or Metrash2.

The National Address will serve many government entities such as the Ministry of Municipality and Environment; the Ministry of Justice; the Supreme Judiciary Council and Planning and Statistics Authority, a senior official had said earlier.

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