MOPH: Celebrating World Food Safety Day

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) spread awareness around celebrating the Second World Food Safety Day, which falls on 7th June under the slogan “Food Safety, Everyone’s Business”.

MOPH organizes many remarkable activities and events, including online workshops on food safety in all stages of the food chain, and foodstuff registration. Activities also include intensifying awareness of consumers about all areas related to food safety, including shopping, food preparation, storage and general hygiene, via social media platforms.
Wassan Abdulla Al-Baker, Director of Food Safety and Environmental Health at MOPH said that the food control system at the Ministry has witnessed a great development during the last period by establishing a wide and effective communication system with food companies and facilities. She added that the development also included developing online systems and applications such as registration systems, exchanging certificates electronically and online payment, and developing a page of the Food Safety and Environmental Health Department on the website of the MOPH highlighting dozens of guidelines, circulars, instructions, official forms and various declarations on food safety requirements.
In the framework of observing the World Food Safety Day, the Ministry of Public Health is organizing an online workshop on the electronic system for registering foodstuffs and its role in ensuring food safety, as this system was introduced about a year and a half ago and enabled 700 operating companies in the State of Qatar to register more than 45,000 food products.
The importance of registration as one of the most important modern strategic principles to ensure food safety, registration procedures, requirements and their importance in building a modern electronic system to control local and imported food will also be discussed during the workshop.
Also, the Ministry of Public Health will organize 9 e-educational workshops for the officials in consumer societies due to their primary role in ensuring food safety while preparing it until it reaches the consumer, and precautionary measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19) through food and food handlers.
The workshops feature a detailed explanation of the Food Safety Guideline in Food Establishments prepared by the Food Safety and Environmental Health Department of the Ministry of Public Health, and it includes publicity requirements for food hygiene, storage, preservation and preparation of food, and the most important microbial and chemical risks associated with food.
On the other hand, the State of Qatar will participate in an Arab panel discussion via video call. MOPH will give in the virtual panel discussion a presentation on the Arab food safety policy, which Qatar has been assigned to prepare its initial draft by the Arab Food Safety Team of the Secretariat General of the League of Arab States, where the specialists in the State of Qatar prepared this draft based on the latest references and international best practices in this regard.
The World Food Safety Day celebration this year recognizes people who contributed to the uninterrupted supply of food chains amid COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring that safe food remains available to all.
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