MOPH: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Recovered Patients Share their Experiences

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) in corporation with Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) collectively shared experiences of patients in Qatar who have fortunately successfully recovered from coronavirus in recent times.


Another incredible story is from Borja Entrala Fabregas, a Spanish expatriate, who recovered from coronavirus recently. Not just the excellent medical service but exceptional patient care has helped him recover from coronavirus and return to normal life. A few weeks ago he developed neck pain and weakness. Within three to four days, 50 years old Borja’s condition started to worsen. He didn’t have fever, cough or other common coronavirus symptoms much to his surprise. But Borja had a travel history to Madrid.

“I travel a lot. Though I didn’t have typical COVID-19 symptoms but my body was not feeling right. I felt something was wrong. It was more than a flu. Suddenly one day I lost conscious. My wife called the ambulance and I was taken to Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital,” recalled Borja. He was initially diagnosed with pneumonia and then tested COVID-19 positive. “After three days my condition started to worsen. Started to have breathing difficulty I was in very bad situation. My lungs were affected badly. I was shifted to the Intensive Care Unit,” said Borja. “It’s not easy to explain the condition, I was struggling between life and death,” he added. But the care provided at Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital, the efforts of the medical teams at the hospital has helped to improve the condition of Borja. He slowly started recovering, and was eventually discharged from the hospital after 25 days. As per protocol he was tested COVID-19 negative twice. Then he had to be under self-isolation for 14 days. Now Borja is returning to normal life.

“The journey from being very sick and recovery was unbelievable,” said Borja. “I thank and am obliged to everyone from HH the Amir, the Minister, the healthcare system and to this country as a whole. All this saved my life, I will always be thankful and love this country for giving me a second life,” he said. “The doctors said that I might be having four guardian angels. I believe in guardian angels, but the care given by the medical staff, starting from the paramedics, doctors, nurses and all hospital staff was remarkable. The Hazm Mebaireek General Hospital was amazing, services are five star standard. More than everything the medical care is free here. It’s remarkable they provide such high standard of care for free.  With everything I made it, I recovered,” he said.

He sends a strong message saying, “Don’t take it for granted. I’m not young or old. But I have no chronic illnesses, I do exercise daily and had a healthy life. So no one should take things for granted. Everyone should take precautions, follow the government instructions and stay safe. “Now every day is a blessing, I feel blessed every time when I’m with the family, have dinner with my daughters,” said Borja.

For more information about coronavirus, please visit: MOPH

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