MOPH Designates Al Salam Complex As A Quarantine Centre

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) has designated Al Salam Complex in Muaither as a quarantine facility for the treatment of coronavirus cases. It is managed by a group of young volunteers, who work day and night for Qatar, and for serving the patients, wearing their facemasks and gloves to protect themselves and those around them, as soldiers in the service of the country and the people.

They embody the principle of cohesion between members of society and official entities in facing coronavirus and limiting its spread. Since the launch of the National Campaign “For Qatar”, a number of registered persons has reached more than 35,000 volunteers, men and women, in various specialities. The tasks include administrative and medical affairs and training of volunteers.

Commenting on his duties,  Nayef Zamil Al Shahrani (Recruitment Officer at the National Campaign: For Qatar), who works in Al Salam Complex, said: “Our role as volunteers is to ensure the deployment and supervision of volunteers in the facilities run by MOPH. We examine the role of the volunteer in these facilities from an administrative or medical point of view. Thank God, the Volunteers’ Center received more than 35 thousand volunteers according to figures announced by MOPH”.

Al Shahrani added, “Different duties are assigned to volunteers based on their specialization. Volunteers are divided into two tracks: administrative or medical. They have been trained through visual communication technology on methods of prevention of the novel coronavirus, and methods of wearing facemasks and gloves, in addition to preparing them psychologically.

Naji Al Amiri (volunteer at Al Salam Quarantine Facility) said, “Al Salam Quarantine Facility has a number of patients and our role is to serve them and serve the medical staff by providing logistical support, following up on and assessing service providing companies and submitting recommendations to the MOPH. We work here for nearly 16 hours on an interval system basis”.

Commenting on the voluntary work in the Facility, Hassan Al Katheeri said that volunteering today is a religious, patriotic and humanitarian duty. During this crisis, we are passionately driven by the statement of our Leader, HH Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Amir of the State of Qatar, before the Advisory “Shura” Council saying, “Qatar deserves the best from its citizens”.  With this in mind, I call upon all those who can give a hand to register through the Voluntary Work  Webpage. Indeed, it is an invaluable experience that will benefit the volunteer in his future and daily life.

Al Katheeri added that his “participation in this initiative fits in the context of fighting the disease by limiting its spread so that it does not attack my family or any other person. Our solidarity, determination and commitment to state guidelines will limit its spread, God willing.”

Volunteer Dana Al Yafie, said: “My role is to help the medical staff in Al Salam Facility. The medical staff cannot handle everything. Our role is to relieve them from the so many burdens they are shouldering. We provide logistical support, which definitely enriched my personal experiences in dealing with doctors and working under pressure. I also learned the preventive measures, which I proudly conveyed to my family and friends. From this place, I advise everyone, especially girls, to participate in the National Campaign and not be hesitant about this experience, which will enrich their personal and professional experiences.

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