MOPH: Ehteraz App Updated With Expanded Security And Privacy Features

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) announced in a series of tweets on their official Twitter account, that the Ehteraz app available on app stores, is now updated and has stronger security and privacy features.

“EHTERAZ is a vital component in our collective fight against COVID-19 and we thank Qatar‘s citizens and residents for their cooperation. The Ehteraz app’s user privacy and platform security are of the utmost importance. A comprehensive update of the app rolled out on Sunday 24 May with expanded security and privacy features for all users,” said MOPH in a series of tweets.

There were a few concerns about the privacy features of the coronavirus tracing app’s earlier version. “These updates are part of the continuous work to review and improve the app’s security, including issues brought to our attention by third-party groups, ” MOPH added.

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