MOPH: Latest Developments And Updates About Coronavirus Situation In Qatar

Dr. Hamad Al Rumaihi & Dr. Abdullatif Al Khal addressed the Ministry Of Public Health press conference on 13th August.

Here are the key messages:

  •  The measures put in place have succeeded in lowering the number of new daily cases over the past two months. 
  •  For the past few weeks the number has constantly remained under 500. 
  •  We expect a low, but consistent, number of new cases to be identified each day for many months. 
  •  It is clear that the world will be living with COVID-19 for some time to come. 
  • School children should wear masks inside classrooms.
  •  We must not become complacent with the lifting of restrictions.
  •  A second wave of COVID-19 is a very real threat – as several other countries around the world are now experiencing. 
  •  We are mid-way through Phase 3 of the lifting of restrictions, but progression to Phase 4 relies on continued improvements.
  • There has been a worrying trend of increasing cases within the Qatari national and expat professional population groups. 
  •  This is due to a minority of people within these population groups who continue to ignore preventive advice – putting themselves and those around them at risk. 
  • We have seen repeated examples during both Eid holidays and throughout Ramadan of the virus spreading within families. 
  •  This is of particular concern as it is the elderly and those with chronic diseases who are most at risk.
  • Only when a reliable vaccine becomes available can we confidently believe the threat of COVID-19 is passed. 
  •  Creating a Safe Zone in the house for elderly relatives is an important action you can do.
  • One designated area of the house for these at risk people.
  • Anyone who enters this zone must wash their hands, wear a mask and maintain physical distancing.
  • Thoroughly sanitize the Safe Zone and keep as clean as possible.
  • Keep the number of people who visit and interact with a minimum.
  • This small group of people should ensure they follow preventive advice at all times.
  • At the first sign of any symptoms these people should isolate themselves and get a test.

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