MOPH Launches National Volunteering Campaign In Qatar​​

The Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) is looking for volunteers to support Qatar’s situation during the coronavirus outbreak.

​’The National Volunteering Campaign: For Qatar’ by MOPH is organised to mindfully use Qatar’s resources during the pandemic. Volunteers will be required for the next three months.
Volunteers will take part in responsibilities like supporting medical practice, raising public health awareness, logistics and more. They will be based at medical facilities across Qatar.
Volunteers must meet the below criteria:
  • Be a Qatar resident
  • Have Qatar ID
  • Aged 20-45
  • Be medically fit enough to contribute
  • No history of chronic illness/disease
Applicable and suitable volunteers will attend a two-hour induction session plus a two-hour job-specific training session. They will be needed for at least 14 eight-hour shifts over a 12-week period. The Ministry ensures all volunteers will be provided with suitable personal protective equipment. People already in the health sector can take part as well.
If you wish to volunteer, please click on the link below to register and apply.
To register, please visit: Qatar MOPH Registration Link
For more information, please visit: Ministry Of Public Health

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