MOPH: Official Precautions Guidelines For Phase 1 Of Easing Restrictions

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) released on their website official guidelines ensuring adherence to the precautions for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions is a shared responsibility.

The COVID-19 Qatar National Response Plan sets out the actions required to ensure that the health, well-being and prosperity of Qatar’s people are protected by taking action to prepare for, monitor, respond and recover from any outbreak of COVID-19. Action taken under the National Response Action Plan has been timely, proportionate and effective.  There has been a low number of deaths, and sufficient healthcare capacity has been available to treat all of those who are infected.

This response will continue with the setting of clear conditions for the re-opening of the country through the evidence-based, gradual and controlled lifting of restrictions imposed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. To lifting of COVID-19 restrictions plan aims to restore normal life while continuing to protect the people, society and economy of Qatar.
Whole Government Approach 
COVID-19 restrictions affect the whole of society.  This plan for the controlled lifting of restrictions requires a whole Government approach, with national coordination and decision-making.  Well evidenced decisions will be implemented in a carefully coordinated timetable with strict monitoring and reporting.
Government Ministries and other National bodies lead their sectors.  They are responsible for ensuring a continuing response to Covid-19 while devising and implementing their detailed sector plans to lift restrictions in accordance with this plan.
Four-Phased Lifting of Restrictions Plan
Restrictions will be gradually lifted in four phases in accordance with a set timetable. Decisions to initiate phases will be informed by meeting pre-defined evidential criteria and the consideration of wider factors.
The order of lifting will reflect a balance between the continuing protection of the public and the restoration of social and economic life.  In the event of further outbreaks, restrictions may be reimposed.
The plan is based on an evaluation of the relative healthcare risks and societal and economic benefits. It takes into account of wide cross-Government consultation and the evaluated experience of other countries.
The Provisional timetable for the lifting of restrictions is as follow:​
Phase 1 ​Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase 4
​15th June ​1st July ​1st August ​1st September
Precautionary Measures
Precautionary measures will remain in force throughout the four phases.  Some measures might have to continue in force for the foreseeable future.  Special provision will be made for groups most at risk of, and vulnerable to, infection to ensure they are protected, and that their essential needs are met.
The core precautionary measures to be applied throughout all phases are:
For more information, please visit: MOPH

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