MOPH Opens Drive-Through Coronavirus Testing Station

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) announced that they have launched and opened a drive-through coronavirus (COVID-19) testing station. This testing station is for people undergoing home-quarantine and individuals who have recently entered Qatar after travelling abroad.

MOPH drive through testing

The drive-through testing is reserved for people who meet this criteria:

  1. Individuals who have returned to Qatar between 10th March 2020 to 21st March 2020 after travelling abroad.
  2. Individuals undergoing home-quarantine and those who have signed officials documents for the same.
  3. Individuals who have not been swabbed to test for coronavirus after returning home.

To register, please call 16060 and arrange a time. You will need to provide the following information:

  1. Full Name
  2. QID number
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Address details
  5. Date of your return to Qatar
  6. Flight number of your return flight

For more information, please visit: MOPH

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