MoPH: Reducing Gap Between Vaccine Doses May Negatively Impact Vaccine Efficacy

A health official at the Ministry of Public Health has stated that reducing the gap between first and second vaccine doses may negatively impact vaccine efficacy.

Dr. Soha Al Bayat

Dr. Soha Al Bayat, Head of Vaccination at Ministry of Public Health, said: “The clinical research is clear that maximum protection against COVID-19 is achieved when a gap of 21 days, for Pfize-BioNTech, and 28 days for Moderna, is maintained between the first and second doses. The latest research does not show any negative impact on vaccine efficacy if the gap is slightly extended by 2-3 weeks.”

She added: “However, significant reduction of the number of days between two doses may result in the vaccine offering lower protection. It is understandable that many people are eager to get their second dose and become fully vaccinated as quickly as possible, but I encourage people to be patient and wait to have the second dose at the optimal time for their own wellbeing and to benefit properly from the vaccine.”

Registration for the vaccine can be done through MoPH website:

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