MOPH: The Proper Steps To Dispose Face Masks & Gloves

With the current coronavirus pandemic, people adhere to wear face masks and gloves to prevent the spread of coronavirus. However, inappropriate disposal of the masks and gloves can put other’s lives at risk.

The Ministry Of Public Health (MOPH) released a video on their official Twitter account stating proper steps to disposing face masks and gloves.

  • Avoid throwing used facemasks and gloves randomly on the floor, this behaviour causes germs or viruses to disperse in the air, which may cause infection to others. The virus usually stays on the fabric of masks and gloves for over a week. This causes a risk to street cleaners, children or people who come in contact with that used mask.
  • Once used, a face mask becomes moist with saliva. They should be disposed into the waste containers/trash cans immediately after use. The hands must be disinfected and washed thoroughly after disposal.

For more information, please visit: MOPH

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