Msheireb Tram Brings An Additional Beauty To Msheireb Downtown

The tram launched by Msheireb Properties, the national real estate developer and subsidiary of Qatar Foundation, has added ambiance to Msheireb Downtown Doha (MDD) by offering visitors a new experience and great convenience of traveling through the world’s smartest and most sustainable city district.
The free tram service is available every six minutes with a 400m hop-on/hop-off zone along the single 2km, closed-loop track system from 9 am to 12noon and 4 pm to 9 pm from Saturday to Thursday. On Fridays, the tram services are operated from 4 pm to 9 pm. The streetcar with 30 seats could accommodate up to 100 travelers, including standing passengers.
Msheireb Tram links all areas of MDD within 18 minutes with a station at the Central Msheireb Metro Station where everyone can access Qatar Rail’s all three operating metro lines.
The eco-friendly tramway has easy access and connects various parts of MDD. The tram has nine stations, Sahat Al Nakheel, Wadi Msheireb, Galleria, Msheireb Prayer, Heritage Quarter, Al Baraha, Sahat Al Masjid, Al Kahraba Street and Al Mariah Street.
The modern high-tech streetcar also includes many advanced features making it a convenient and safe method of transport for passengers, such as level boarding at all stations, a hop-on-hop-off service in Wadi Msheireb area, Virtual Tram Detection and tram priority at the traffic signals, tram arrival signs in real-time on the trams and at the passenger stations, on-board CCTV, and on-board Wi-Fi.
Msheireb Tram
The Msheireb Tram also includes a unique open-air feature allowing it to be operated as an open-air car by removing the glass panels.
The tram which runs on standard gauge track (1,435mm) is custom designed and handcrafted.
The Msheireb Tram also adopts the latest in eco-friendly transportation technology with options and conveniences that make it also an accessible method of commuting within the downtown area for people with special needs.
Source: Gulf Times

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