Mwani Qatar Takes Measures to Prevent The Spread of COVID-19

Qatar Ports Management Company (Mwani Qatar), in coordination with the Ministry of Public Health and relevant authorities, has implemented series of measures to limit the spread of coronavirus in the ports which will not only keep the workforce safe but will also ensure uninterrupted supply of goods in the country.

The measures include sanitization of containers, installing thermal cameras, submission of COVID-19 disclosures and making the workforce at the port aware of how to limit the spread of the virus.

“Pilots are supplied with the safety equipment and advised to avoid direct contact with the ship’s crew,” Mwani Qatar said in a tweet, explaining the steps taken to reduce the spread of Coronavirus.

Containers are sanitized during loading and unloading process and before delivery, said Mwani Qatar, which is responsible for managing the nation’s seaports and shipping terminals.

The steps were taken months before to ensure that the maritime sector remains safe. In January, all ship agents were notified of the necessity of submitting COVID-19 disclosure and IMO accredited medical declaration.

Another step was providing the Ministry of Public Health with the declarations submitted by the ships.

The declarations include a list of the ship’s crew and the last 10 ports visited and prevention of ship’s crew disembarking on the quayside port or changing as well as embarking of port users.

In February, thermal cameras were installed at Doha port’s terminal to check passengers. While in March, all dhows and cruise vessels were stopped from entering ports until further notice.

The organization has also focussed on making the workforce aware of how to limit the spread of coronavirus. Held in coordination with the Qatar Red Crescent Society, the awareness sessions were held for people related to operations in ports.

“Mwani Qatar, in coordination with the Qatar Red Crescent Society, conducted an awareness session on COVID-19 and also a demonstration on remedies for Hamad Port and Ruwais Port operations workforce,” said Mwani Qatar in a tweet.


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