‘National Address Registration Process’ – Seminar By Ministry

Around 234,000 people have already registered their National Address and out of which 227,000 used Metrash2 for the same. This was disclosed during an introductory seminar organized by the Ministry of Interior to explain the process to various company officials, organizations and communities today at the General Directorate of Traffic.

Lt Col Abdullah Zayed Al Sahli, head of the National Address Section at the Public Security explained that the registration procedure is simple, where every person, whether citizen or expatriate or whoever legally takes his/her place, registers data in the given form.

The required data include residence address, fixed and mobile phone numbers, e-mail, electricity number, address of the company for government and private sector employees and permanent address abroad if any.

No documents are required to register the national address. Officials said that every applicant is responsible for giving the correct information and there is a QR10,000 fine for giving false information. The fine also applies for not registering during the 6-month period, which ends on July 26. The fine can be reconciled to QR5,000 before reaching the court.

The registration is possible through Metrash2 application or the website of the Ministry of Interior or any of the Ministry of Interior service centers in the country. A special office has been designated to receive citizens and residents to facilitate registering their national address in all centers.

The father should register for himself and children under 18 years of age will be automatically updated. Children above 18 years and wife must register themselves in person. In case if spouses are separated and children are in mother’s custody then she has to register the data of the children on her national address via electronic registration or any of the service centers.

Residents who are staying abroad for a long time and are coming back after the grace period will have to register as soon as they enter Qatar.

The six-month deadline set by law is for registering for the first time, while the process of updating data is always available through any of the means of registration. The children who reach the legal age of 18 years must register their national address within two months of reaching the age.

It was clarified by the officials that people sharing the same accommodation can register using the same details like electricity number and residence address.

Ministry of Interior has provided a special service to companies that have large number of workers and cannot register online. Such companies can approach the headquarters of the Unified Services Department in Messaimer through their PROs and register the data of workers in forms prepared for that. The department will send a team to the company’s headquarters to complete the registration process electronically.

In case of a change in national address data for any person, the new data must be modified via Metrash2 or any of the Ministry of Interior service centres. Article 4 of the law stipulates that the person must inform the competent authority of any amendment or change in the data of his/her national address and update it.

Al Sahli urged all individuals, Qataris and non-Qataris, institutions and companies to register their national address data before the six-month period specified by law as it is mandatory for all as per the law.
He pointed out that this law constitutes a qualitative shift in the progress of judicial and legal procedures, whereby every person in Qatar will have a national address.

Al Sahli said that the National Address Law came within the framework of the strategic development of e-governance and the completion of the legislative structure necessary for e-government transactions and the transition from the descriptive address to the digital address.

Ministry has provided a hotline number 2342000 for public inquiries about everything related to the national address or any problem facing during the registration process.

Source: The Peninsula

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