Nawal Akram Redefines Muscular Dystrophy

In recent years, science has come a long way in treating physical difficulties, but what it misses is the emotional support that helps to boost the victim’s moral. Lately, Muscular dystrophy has been in the news, and it shows how we have multiple cases like this that have failed to receive much attention. Muscular dystrophy is a group of diseases inherited that can damage your muscles, weaken them over time.
A teen from Qatar, Nawal Akram is breaking the stereotype of the disability and is making it her strength, giving inspiration to all. A full-time stand-up comedian and the founder of the Muscular Dystrophy Qatar Group, Nawal refrains from letting the disability come in her way and requests everyone to do so.
Nawaal Akram had recently interviewed about her journey and courage that brought her this far, and she was apt to respond with grace and confidence throughout the interview. She mentioned about being a part of the sports Boccia in Paralympics. Being a member of the Qatar Paralympics community, Nawal found this sport as an eye-opening, it may look like a cake walk, but it requires a lot of attention, tactics, and presence of mind to compete.

Nawaal used to surf for more information about the muscular dystrophy and tried to connect with more individuals when she learned that there is an awareness month – September. The dedicated month of the year where every individual comes together in the community to motivate others facing the same and help them feel good despite the shortfalls. She has established contact with many families and learned how active they were during this month bringing more light to muscular dystrophy.
Apart from being a Boccia player, standup comedian and an inspirational icon to many, Nawal is also a recognized motivational speaker. Though Nawal doesn’t believe in being called one, instead she feels that she is one of the many who loves to share her experiences in a way where she offends no one and at the same time makes people realize how important they are. Educating people more on this topic, connecting with various individuals, talking her heart out about her journey has caused many individuals to communicate with her on every level. In an interview, she also mentioned that she strives to grow the community and educate as many people as possible.

Despite being a standup comedian, she has never asked or gained unsolicited attention; but she has instead become famous for how humorous she is. And with this act of building community, spreading awareness and speaking on such topics while sharing her experience, Nawal Akram has become the driving force for everyone who is either facing this or isn’t.
She hails an excellent track record in tackling the issue and has presented herself in BBC’s 100 women program in 2017 by radiating her immaculate presence of mind and ability to meet the challenges. Comedian Nawal Akram had an opportunity to spread the awareness and educate the audience, on 24th September 2018 at Qatar National Library, Education City, Doha as part of the world muscular dystrophy month and also how to live a life in its full spirit despite the sufferings. The session was both in Arabic and English interpretation which made the listeners grasp the complete understanding of the subject.

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