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New Taxi App In Town – Qatar Taxi App

Qatar Taxi App launched by the Al Dana Company, under the stewardship of Sheikh Hamad Al Thani, CEO, and is a first of its kind in the country. Using the app locals can book taxis at an affordable price without any hassles. Since it’s a locally based app, people are confident that it will not only make sure that the privacy and security of the user’s data are secure, but it will also offer users with better ease of travel. Qatar sees growth in all fields which in turn is attracting tourists from all over the world, and such an affordable taxi app is certainly the need of the hour.

You can download the Qatar Taxi App from Google Play Store or Apple Store. The download takes few seconds after which you have to upload few essential details and make an account. The company has put in their best effort by employing the best experts to make the app user-friendly and for cyber and security protection. The growth of Qatar Taxi App is going to witness tremendous surge as the FIFA 2022 World Cup is approaching. A good, economical and safe taxi app is what was needed by the country at this moment, and this taxi app is offering the exact requirement.

The Qatar Taxi App promises to offer the users with seamless experience. Customers can hire a taxi in matter of few seconds without the fear of it getting delayed or cancelled by the driver. All you have to do is input your location in the app using GPS and then search for the taxis in your area. A taxi will be allocated to you instantly. You will also have the fare estimate and the ETA, i.e., the estimated time of arrival to your location.

It doesn’t matter what time it is, you can find taxis without any problem. Is it an early morning flight that you have to catch or did it get late after hanging out with your friends? When you have Qatar Taxi App you must be free from all worries, the taxis are at your beck and call, and it doesn’t matter what your location or the timing is. The app accepts payment through Debit/Credit card or you could add funds to the QatarTaxi Money or pay Cash.



The route that is chosen automatically for you by the app is actually the fastest and the shortest one. After you book a taxi, the information of the driver containing his photo, license number, car model and its color and his name is forwarded to you so that you can locate the driver and make sure that he is the right one.

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Download The App Here


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