NTC Launches New Global Campaign to Promote Qatar Tourism

‘Qatar.Qurated for you’ is the new tagline campaign organized by National Tourism Council (NTC) under the able guidance of H E. Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani, the Prime minister of Qatar, the Interior Minister and also the Chairman Board of NTC on November 26, 2018.  The campaign will be 8 languages, English, Arabic, Italian, French, Mandarin, Turkish, German and Russian, targeting 225 million travelers spread over 15 countries, to promote Qatar as the most attractive tourist center in the Middle East.  The focus will be on tailored tourism promotion activities, and participants can write about their hands on tourism experiences in Qatar.

The promotional campaign coincides on the occasion of the merger of Qatar Tourism Authority and the Permanent Committee for Conferences into National Tourism Council (NTC) and also at a time when the Qatar tourism segment registered robust tourism growth and development.  The new changes and amalgamation of two bodies into NTC will speed up the implementation of structural changes and expects to bring rapid growth in the tourism sector with public and private partnership. The changes will help to develop tourism infrastructure for better tourism experience.

The new tourism campaign and revised structural changes of NTC shall be expected to play an essential role in accomplishing the tourism strategy envisaged in 2017. The changes in the visa policies also played a critical role in achieving the tourism objectives laid in 2017.  The consolidated efforts have helped to position Qatar as the most open tourist-friendly country in the Middle East and also helped Qatar to become the 8th most tourism friendly country in the world as per UNWTO’s visit/tourist visa ranking.

‘Qatar.Qurated for you’ campaign will host its publicity campaign in all major European countries, the United States, Russia and Asia using all digital and print media in eight different languages.  In addition to the digital marketing, the campaign will have promotional activities in partnership with Al Jazeera Network, CNN International, Sky TV, Digiturk and BeIN by using the images of scintillating natural beauty and landscape of Qatar.

NTC targets on transit passengers who had a wonderful stopover short stay in Doha because as per the studies, travelers who had brief visits in transit are more likely to re-visit the country in the future.  Therefore the promotion will target on sea and air passengers, passing through Qatar.  As part of the promotion, NTC offers free Doha City tour for transit passengers.  By partnering with Qatar Airways, transit passengers offered with 4/5 star free hotel accommodation.  Until now more than 80,000 passengers have availed campaign facilities.

  • Tawash: It is a targeted destination online training program comprising of 5 modules. Each module will be focussing on a specific tourism segment of Qatar.  At the end of the program, participants can have an evaluation test at their country by online.  The program is available in Arabic, Russian, Italian, English, French, Turkish, German and many other languages.
  • Familiarization journey: As part of the campaign participants can join the familiarization trip offered by NTC and can have on hand experience.  Participants shall have the opportunity to meet tourism promotion management companies, and can visit tour sites, hotels and other service providers.


NTC looks forward the campaign with full of optimism and scales it as the best opportunity to showcase Qatar among the people targeted countries, to know Qatar from a close angle and seduce visitors to backpack for a pleasant trip to Qatar.  The spirit of Qurated life will have exclusive and extensive campaigns in Televisions, airports all around the globe and also in Qatar by introducing the cultural heritage of Qatar.

The campaign focuses on publishing hands-on experience of real-time visitors and also collaborate with virtual tourism market leaders such as Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor by using their online forums and publications, prompting readers to visit Qatar the moment they read fascinating tourism experience in Qatar.

NTC is an apex body for promoting tourism and related development in Qatar, and it works under the guidance of Qatar National Tourism Sector Strategy (QNTSS).  QNTSS aims to boost tourism, diversify tourism activities and expect a significant increase in tourism revenue by 2030.  More than 10 million visitors traveled to Qatar since the launching of QNTSS, and the estimated contribution of tourism income stands 6.7% of Qatar’s GDP.

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