Online Registration Opens For Final Phase of 2020 Census

The Planning and Statistics Authority (PSA) has launched the online registration service for individuals and families for Qatar 2020 Census, as part of the final phase of the census process that begins on March 22.

The Authority is implementing the final phase of the census fieldwork in the implementation of the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. (4) of 2018 regarding conducting the general census of population, housing, and establishments for 2020.

The Authority said in a statement yesterday that families can make their data either by receiving field researchers and filling in the statistical form manually or by entering their data online through, to make it easier for families wishing to use technology to fill out statistical forms.

The Authority stated this service is currently available until March 15, noting that families and individuals who register in this service during the specified period will have the opportunity to fill in their census data electronically from March 22 to April 10, and without the need for a field visit.

This method is considered one of the latest technological methods applied in field censuses and surveys in collecting data for individuals through an online form available to all Qataris, whether inside or outside the country, in addition to non-Qataris residing within the country.

The Authority pointed out that it will communicate with the people who registered in this service by sending text messages over the phone to each subscriber to inform him of the date specified for completing the electronic form of the census, in addition to how to enter it to ensure accuracy in the process of providing data and ensure its complete confidentiality, and this according to the Official Statistics Law of 2011.

The Planning and Statistics Authority allocated the toll-free number 8000800 to respond to public inquiries about this electronic form and how to fill it with the required data, as well as the website of the 2020 Census Psa.

Source: The Peninsula 

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