Only Postive Vibes At Soul Vibes Qanat Quartier

Summer in Doha can get surprisingly hot, and a chilled mocktail is all you need to keep you going through the day. To escape the heat of summer, Doha’s Soul Vibe located in Pearl Qatar at Qanat Quartier is the place.

Before moving to the food, the ambiance of any food joint is the first thing people notice. This place has got a brilliant environment as it is evident from the name- Soul Vibe. The lightening of the space is very bright with an uber cool and sleek look.

The place is a great way to spend your weekday evening to break the monotony of the usual working week. The restaurant allows everyone to enjoy the gorgeous views of the Qanat, Qatar’s most impressive lap of luxury.

Soul vibes boast a well-planned menu of fries, salads, burgers, mocktails and so on. Like the easy going and relaxed vibe, which delights everyone, the same reflects on the menu, which has something for everyone.When it comes to the price, it is a bit on the pricey side, but with the service and for the variety of choices they offer, it seems fine. Moreover, the staffs are very friendly, and the quick service along with delicious food is a combination is worth to the value.

With a team of four, we ordered different items which each one found interesting. We ordered saffron fries, which had a sweet flavor to it. We found it too sweet for our palate. We ordered a burger with BBQ ranch dressing which was on the okay side, and We felt the dressing overpowered the taste of the burger itself. Picture of a well-done patty with melted cheese oozing out sounds heaven right! It looked the same, but the ranch dressing we chose was just an ok choice. Out of all, we loved the Caeser salad, which had a generous amount of cheese. The iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and the whole combination were perfect. The good thing was they did not overdo the sauce, and we did like the crunch of iceberg lettuce.

Moving on to the mocktails that lit our overall experience, The Strawberry Fizz was another delicious, refreshing and quite a thirst quencher. It has a lovely hue that made it attractive and not to forget the classics always, the Classic Mojito with mint and lemon was very fresh, and the taste of mint was just adequate and not overpowering. The Blue Hawaiian had a subtle flavor of coconut syrup and was yet another delicious mocktail.On the contrary to usual, the favorite picks from the restaurant turned out to be the mocktails. The mocktails were well balanced, appealing and not too sweet.

On the whole Soul Vibe is an exciting place which is engaging, refreshing, and filled with positive vibes. But, hidden in a corner, people might find it challenging to locate the place quickly. The service was quite excellent, with a good vibe and soul captivating delicious food.

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