Over 10 Million Beneficiaries From QRCS Aid Internationally

Ali bin Hassan Al Hammadi, Secretary-General of the Qatar Red Crescent Society (QRCS), has stated that QRCS is one of Qatar’s first charitable and humanitarian organizations, with partnerships in over 192 countries around the world.

He said: “In Qatar, we provide support to poor families, labourers and patients. Ramadan Iftar project is also part of our activities in the country. Outside Qatar, we provide support to many people in many countries, especially when crises and disasters occur.”

On Qatar Red Crescent Society website, it showed that the number of local beneficiaries is about 1,116,520. Internationally, the number stands at 10,819,250.

Projects of the Qatar Red Crescent Society are being introduced in a number of nations, including Bangladesh, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and Gaza. In Yemen, the Qatar Red Crescent Society is constructing 224 housing units in two towns in the Abs District of Hajjah Governorate to house 1,680 people who have been displaced by the war and flooding.

“The main sources that we are depending on are the donations that come from individuals. Our sources are limited and therefore there is a special committee to study cases and make sure that we are giving these donations to deserving people,” Al Hammadi explained when asked about the source of donations.

While speaking on a Qatar TV program, he also clarified that the reason for checking and requesting so many papers is to combat the high rate of cheating among aid seekers.

He also said that many of those who ask for donations via social media websites are exploiters who are only looking to make money.

Ali Al Ansari, Director of the Public Relations Department at the Regulatory Authority for Charitable Activities stated that Qatar has 16 organisations, ranging from institutions to charitable societies, and that two charitable societies are currently being studied and may be approved soon.

He went on to note: “Collecting donations without a permit is against the law and the violator exposes himself to a fine and imprisonment.”

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