Over 40 countries to participate in Qatar’s World Parachuting Championship

The 44th World Parachuting Championship will be held in Qatar next November. Major General Hamad bin Abdullah Al Marri, the President of Qatar Air Sports Committee, recently announced over 40 countries are set to participate in the event.

Currently, 21 countries confirmed that they will be participating in the championship.

For the past year, Qatar has been consistently preparing for the competition to make it successful. This is all thanks to the world-class facilities and strategic pre-planning the country can embrace.

The official stated that military delegations will be allowed to participate in order to learn more about 2022 World Cup projects, in a press conference on Monday.

Last February, the skydiving team of Qatar broke a record and earned a certificate provided by the Guinness World Records. they are currently second in the world and is considered the top in Arab and Asian teams.

Qatar also hosted the International Parachuting Championship in February, with eight different countries participating. The event was considered successful, with challenges that came with the ongoing pandemic.

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