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Paper Moon Doha A True Italian Restaurant – Review

Paper Moon Doha is an Italian restaurant located inside the New Jaidah Square building in the capital city of the state of Qatar. The restaurant offers a delicious Italian fine-dining experience perfectly complementing a serene ambiance to enjoy a memorable meal with your family or friends. One can also enjoy a meal underneath a shaded terrace and undertake a perfectly enjoyable culinary journey.

Paper Moon opened its first branch in Milan and was highly successful to make a mark in the industry there. It served as the point of amalgamation for the spheres of fashion, business, and international jet set. The wings soon spread to New York, the USA which eventually made way for an opening in Istanbul through an Italian-Turkish partnership.

As we embarked on this much-awaited experience, we were pleasantly greeted by the restaurant staff and were escorted to our reservation promptly. The lighting was perfect, the décor amiable and the surroundings made us feel warm and settled us down for a cozy meal.

The menu spoke of a delectable spread and choosing limited dishes proved to be a tough task. Finally, we settled down on Risotto Alla Certosina, Carbonaro (spaghetti ‘carbonara’ with black truffle and pistachio) Ice creams & Sorbets (topped with vanilla cream and berries).

The meal was delicious and sumptuous. The texture of the spaghetti was perfect. The shrimp was cooked to the right extent, neither overdone nor undercooked. The pistachio addition made a great difference and added an exclusive flavor to the dish overall. The dessert was a nice conclusion to the Italian course. The price was, however, at the slightly higher end.

At the helm of this eatery are two big gastronomical experts who have made a mark in the Italian dining scene in Qatar with their unique assortment of Italian dishes offered under a single roof. We met the head chef, Chef Diego De Rosa and were pleasantly informed about his expedition through the land of Italian cuisine. He had been a part of a team in London and had assisted as the Junior Sous-Chef before he took the responsibility of leading the management in Qatar.

This restaurant boasts of a conspicuous calendar where listed are a variety of offers to make this experience available to a wider base of customers and make a meal more budget-friendly. You can have a pasta night at a lower price, or you can host a business lunch within a comfortable budget. The supper club and the special travel diaries options are also worth taking and spending your money on.

Valet parking, mobile chargers on the table, Wi-Fi services are the usual perks available in Paper Moon Doha which is part of the service facilities.

Don’t wait; it is your turn now! Grab your purse and the hand of your significant other to set your mood just right by a delicious Italian mouth-watering spread.

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