Places To Walk Your Dog In Qatar

Does it sometimes feel unfair for you to go out with your friends and have a good time leaving your dog at home? Why not hang out with them? Grab a bite and go for a walk. They like to explore around and have fun too. 

However, it can be quite challenging to find too many dog-friendly places in Qatar. Look no more. Here are some nice parks to hang out with your furry friends and have a good time.

Al Bidda Park

Al Bidda Park, formerly known as Al Rumaila Park, is a park located in the Doha Corniche with a beautiful view of the city and the greenery in the park. It is also Qatar’s first pet-friendly park and the biggest green space in the country. Pet owners may exercise or walk their dogs as long as they keep their pets leashed at all times. Pet parents are expected to bring bags and scoops to clean up after their pets, as these items are not provided at the park.

Oxygen Park

Oxygen Park is located in the Education City on the outskirts of Doha. Oxygen Park is a fantastic place to get your adrenaline pumping. This location caters to sports enthusiasts, including jogging pathways and volleyball fields. Several multi-purpose pitches are great for getting your family and friends to work up a sweat.

Note: Dogs are not permitted during Ladies Nights, from 6PM to 10PM (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays).

5/6 Park

Image source: Peninsula 

The 5/6 Park, which has a 107,000 square meter open green space with tree fences and small shrubs, is a popular dog-friendly destination in Doha. This Park provides dog owners with lighting poles, garden furniture, toilet facilities, cafes, and restaurants where they can relax.

Pet owners are advised to keep their pets on a leash and to clean up after them, according to park guidelines.

Al Wakrah Dog Beach

Located nearby the Souq Wakrah, Al Wakrah ‘Dog Beach’ is quite famous among the local residents. Dog owners are allowed to utilize a part of Al Wakrah Beach to bring their dogs to socialize, play and swim. Pet owners are advised to take their animals during low tide so that they can swim around the shallow region near the coast.

Pearl Qatar – Certain Areas

The Pearl has one of the longest sidewalks in the neighborhood, which is the perfect distance for taking your pets for a lengthy walk. However, pets are only allowed in certain areas of the Pearl such as on the main roads and the parks. 

The Grand Park is the largest out of the three pet-friendly parks in The Pearl. However, it is not suggested that you bring your pet to any park events. Pets are also not allowed on the beaches, swimming pools, or common areas.

Did you find this useful? If so, make sure to share this with your friends who have pets. If you know any other places in Qatar where you can walk your dog, do let us know in the comments!

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